Ways to Protect Your Skin From Ultraviolet Radiation 

There are two main ways you can do this though you can protect yourself using mesh shade tarps or get yourself a custom screen mesh. When you expose yourself to ultraviolet rays, you will likely get skin cancer, which may be caused by direct silence or exposure to manufactured products such as indoor tanning beds and sun lamps. When you constantly expose your skin to ultraviolet rays, you increase your risk of skin cancer. There are very many categories of UV light, but the ones that can bring about skin cancer are UVA rays and UVB rays. All in all, all types of UV rays are harmful to the skin, and you must ensure you expose your skin to UV rays as minimally as possible.  Because of this you need to make sure you protect your skin at all times, and we are going to talk about some of the ways you can do this. All these are great ways you can keep your skin safe from the rays of the sun. 

Some of the ways you can protect yourself from UV rays include:

  • Safeguard yourself from the Sun 

Most of the time, we tend to think about sun protection when we go to the beach because we feel like we get exposed to the sun more. Well, this is true, but you should make sure you protect your skin all the time you go out. Even if the sun has the presence of uv rays in it, it doesn’t mean that you should avoid the sun altogether since it has its benefits, too. You should go out from time to time and avoid staying indoors because you don’t want to be exposed to the sun. In case you are out and you notice the sun is getting too hot, you could go somewhere where there is a mesh shade tarps and protect yourself. 

  • Use sunscreen

Applying sunscreen is very important because it protects your skin from exposure to direct sunlight when you are out. However, you also need to remember one thing, sunscreen acts as a filter, and it doesn’t block the UV rays completely. Even if you apply sunscreen, make sure you don’t overexpose yourself. Rays are too firm, and they can still find a way to get into your skin. Sunscreens come in many forms, such as ointments, lip balm, sprays, wipes and gels; you need one that will work out for your skin. In case you love to put on makeup when going out, you could consider buying makeup that has sunscreen. 

  • Put on a hat 

Wearing a hat can protect you from the sun but you need to make sure you put on the right hat. The best hat to wear when going out is a 2-3 great-inch brim for protection from the sun. This is the appropriate hat since it protects your eyes, forehead, scalp and nose. Baseball hats are unique but they don’t protect your neck and ears. These are the areas where cancer develops typically.  

  • Put on protective sunglasses 

Sunglasses are great because they protect your eyes and the skin around your eyes from direct sunlight. However, not all sunglasses have this effect and it’s pretty hard to know which ones will protect you from the sun. If you don’t know how to select the right sunglasses, you can consider looking for sunglasses that block 90% or 100% UVA.  You could ask for assistance from the person selling you the sunglasses. 

  • Evade the sun during peak hours 

The sun’s UV rays are typically powerful between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  If you are outside at this hour, make sure you look for a place where there is shade, and if you don’t have errands to take, you avoid the sun altogether. 

  • Put on protective clothing 

Wearing protective clothing is very important because they protect you from direct sunlight. But you need to know that not all clothes have this feature, and every cloth offers varying levels of protection. The clothes that typically offer protection are thicker fabrics, darker colours and dry materials. In case you are going to the sun, opt for this material. 


It’s healthy to be exposed to the sun, but too much sunlight can cause cancer because  UV rays are disclosed to you by the sun. To be safe, make sure you consider the protective measures listed above so that you can save yourself from getting skin cancer.