10 Tiktok video ideas guaranteed to get you more views

Creating engaging, entertaining videos is vital if you’re looking to boost your TikTok views and grow your following. Here are proven ideas for TikTok videos that are sure to capture attention and get you more views:

1. Lip sync challenges 

Lip-syncing to popular songs is a classic TikTok staple. Find a trending song, memorize the lyrics, and record yourself passionately lip-syncing. Don’t be afraid to go out with facial expressions and dance moves. Tag your video with the song name and relevant challenges to help it get discovered.

2. Dance challenges

Participating in viral dance challenges is another surefire way to boost views. Learn the moves to the latest trending dance, put your creative spin on it, and share your version. Use relevant hashtags so others doing the challenge find your video.

3. Comedic skits

Create short, funny skits based on relatable scenarios, pop culture references, or trending memes. Keep them snappy and punchy. Use text overlays, sound effects, costumes and props to enhance the humour. An unexpected twist or punchline at the end helps make your skit memorable.

4. Tutorials & How-Tos

Share a skill, hack or process you have expertise in, whether that’s makeup techniques, cooking shortcuts, crafting, or a hidden iPhone feature. Keep your explanations clear and concise, and show the process step-by-step. Tutorials are highly shareable, so these videos get a lot of traction.

5. Behind-the-scenes content

Give viewers a peek behind the scenes of your work, hobbies or daily life. Take them along as you prepare for an event or outing, create art, cook a meal, or tackle a project. Authentically sharing your process helps viewers feel connected to you.

6. A day in my life

Bring viewers along for your daily adventures, whether you’re a student, parent, professional or have an unusual lifestyle or job. Please give them a taste of what it’s like to walk in your shoes. Timelapse and montage style editing works excellent for these videos.

7. Reactions and commentary  

Film yourself reacting to viral videos, movies, news clips, or other shareable content. Share your candid reactions, witty comments, and insightful observations. React to content likely to resonate with your target audience – bonus points if it’s already going viral.

8. Pranks

Stage a creative (harmless) prank on friends, family, or strangers and record their reactions. Think of pranks that are surprising and original, not just mean-spirited. Pranks that are over-the-top yet ultimately silly and good-natured tend to be the most well-received.

9. Storytimes

Share a crazy, hilarious, or unbelievable true story from your life. Tell the story directly to the camera, using expressive performance and editing to bring it to life. Build suspense and plot twists, and milk the juicy and dramatic bits. Storytimes let your personality shine.

10. Pets and kids

Feature your cute pets or kids just being their adorable selves. Capture them doing something funny, learning a new trick, or being unintentionally profound. The Internet loves cute animals and kids, so these wholesome videos are naturally engaging.

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