Read to Know More About Pallet Inverters

Pallet inverters are a very important equipment for organisations that depend on handling and also shipping of goods. For instance, moving items across a warehouse frequently involves the use of pallets. The process is greatly made easier with an inverter.

The following are 3 main kinds of pallet inverters:

  • Manual
  • Semi-automatic
  • Automatic

So, which type of pallet inverter is right for your business? Top Industries Inc. can design for you this equipment according to your process requirements.

Pallet inverters are used for handling a variety of tasks, including:

  • Transfer pallets
  • Flipping pallets
  • Handling products
  • Swapping broken pallets
  • Transporting goods
  • Moving goods in your factory or warehouse
  • Rotating

To make pallet swap quick and easy, many pallet inverters can revolve at 180⁰. Pick from a choice of heavy-duty pallet inverter or exchanger models and designs to accommodate any loading dock application.

If it is on a pallet and must be moved, you can choose from a variety of pallet inverters to suit your business’s demands.

These pallet inverters offer a solution to handle your entire products that can not only limit cost but also will reduce product damage and injuries to workers by doing away with the requirement of stacking and restacking things.

To solve your lifting, rotating, tilting, and transferring challenges, you can choose from a variety of solutions that use cutting-edge technology.

The following are a few varieties of pallet inverters:

  1. Dual Clamp free-standing pallet inverter

This is the most adaptable pallet inverter, allowing for both forklift and pallet truck loading at ground level.

  1. G95 pallet inverter

The G95 Pallet Inverter is the first model to bring floor-level loading and also pallet separation to the market, and it is ideal for cold storage facilities and removing freezer spacers.

  1. V changer

When your load must maintain the same side facing upwards, then this V Changer Pallet Changer is ideal for changing pallets.

  1. FDL pallet inverter

The food and pharmaceutical industries, where properly handling a load is of utmost importance, are the intended users of the FDL Pallet Inverter.

  1. 25 pallet inverter

The DD1.25 Pallet Inverter, which is compact and lightweight, is ideal for inverting loads up to 2,700 lbs.

  1. Pallet less load inverter

This load inverter functions in the same way as the other pallet inverters. Load integrity and form are maintained without the use of a pallet.

  1. RR1 pallet inverter

The RR1, also called Rotate and Recline Pallet Inverter, is made for wide and heavy loads and can invert items like steel stacks up to 20,000 lbs. and 8 feet wide.

  1. RR2 pallet inverter

Similar to the RR1, this RR2 Pallet Inverter is the ideal Pallet Inverter for reverse-side printing because it reclines and rotates loads.

  1. Inline pallet inverters

With the several inline inverter solutions, you can smoothly integrate a pallet inverter or any pallet changer into your assembly process.

  1. 90⁰ tipper

These 90⁰ tippers are excellent for upending cargo made up of steel coils or paper rolls.

You can visit the official YouTube videos of Top Industries Inc. to get a live demo of different pallet inverters.