Phone booths in coworking spaces: A niche solution for shared environments

In the dynamic landscape of coworking spaces, the quest for the perfect balance between collaboration and concentration is ongoing. One solution that is gaining prominence in shared work environments is the incorporation of phone booths. These compact, soundproof spaces offer a secluded oasis for phone calls, video conferences, or focused work. In this article, we will explore the rising trend of phone booths in coworking spaces, examining their benefits and impact on productivity and workplace satisfaction.

The rise of coworking spaces

The surge in popularity of coworking spaces has transformed the traditional office model. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers seek out these shared environments for their flexibility, networking opportunities, and collaborative atmosphere. However, as the number of coworkers increases, so does the need for spaces that cater to individual needs, including private communication.

The need for privacy

While coworking spaces foster collaboration, the open-plan design can sometimes lead to challenges in maintaining privacy. The hum of activity can be distracting, and confidential conversations become difficult. Recognizing this need, coworking spaces are integrating phone booths to provide a private and quiet space for phone calls, meetings, or simply focused work.

Benefits of phone booths in coworking spaces

  1. Enhanced Productivity: Phone booths create an environment free from distractions, allowing individuals to concentrate on their tasks or engage in confidential conversations without the fear of being overheard.
  2. Improved Communication: In a shared workspace, effective communication is crucial. Phone booths offer a designated space for phone calls and video conferences, reducing disruptions and ensuring clear communication.
  3. Flexibility: Phone booths cater to the diverse needs of coworkers. Whether it’s a quick call, a team meeting, or a moment of quiet reflection, these booths provide a flexible solution for various work scenarios.
  4. Privacy for Sensitive Discussions: For businesses handling sensitive information, phone booths offer a secure space for discussions that require confidentiality, safeguarding the interests of both individuals and organizations.

Design and Features

Phone booths in coworking spaces are designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind. They typically feature soundproof materials, adequate lighting, and ventilation to create a comfortable yet enclosed space. Many are equipped with power outlets, USB ports, and even video conferencing capabilities, ensuring users have everything they need for a seamless experience.


Phone booths in coworking spaces represent a niche solution addressing the growing demand for private and focused work environments within shared settings. As coworking spaces continue to evolve, the integration of these booths demonstrates a commitment to balancing collaboration with individual needs. By incorporating such spaces, coworking providers are creating versatile work environments that cater to the diverse requirements of their users, ultimately contributing to increased productivity and satisfaction.