Non Residential Importer (NRI) in Canada – Things to Know! 

The big wide world as we know it has turned into a small village available at your fingertip with the onset of the internet. Now, it is feasible to connect with any part of the world and establish a firm presence in your business. If you are a business person from the USA or any other country plotting to expand your organization into Canada, now is the best time to do it. 

With the import regulations and policies simplified, Canada is the perfect business haven to exploit and mint money like never before. One can now compete on a level playing field with the domestic market with the support of a customs broker like

The Non-Resident Importer program in Canada is the new weapon one can use to attack the existing market with their products or goods that are priced on par with the domestic participants. Such a policy has now made Canada a hot spot for businesses thriving to extrapolate their realm into Canada. 

Consider a situation where you are exporting a product in bulk to Canada. The custom brokers will help you with all the procedures and nuances at the border. Therefore, making the whole process simple and effective. 

The biggest advantage here is that your Canadian customer will not have to bear all the burden of extra tax and other overhead charges like it used to be. This is a tremendous competitive advantage, considering the size of the Canadian market. 

The market can be practically equated with the volume of the market in California. Most of the businesses in the USA have already started to draw advantage of the NRI program.

  1. The NRI program helps you to establish a business kingdom in Canada without having a physical presence in the country. 
  2. The custom brokers have got it all covered for you. From handling the procedures at the border to freight management and delivery, these brokers can assist you at a very affordable price. 
  3. The cost of being a member of this program is free and the time for onboarding is just 12 hours. Once you are on board as an NRI, then sit back and relax as the brokers have got your back covered end-to-end.

The NRI program can leverage your business to a whole different level without a doubt. It is not very often one comes across such stupendous opportunities. The faster you make the move, the easier it becomes to penetrate the market and eliminate any competition.