How to Confidently Allow Mobile Messaging in Your Regulated Firm


Many companies initially hesitated to adopt an enterprise messaging solution. The onset of the pandemic forced many businesses to adopt enterprise messaging solutions. However, employees were forced to use consumer-grade messaging apps that could compromise company data. Secure Enterprise Messaging Platforms are a vital aspect that allows employees to use secure instant messaging to communicate with clients safely and effectively.

Mobile messaging offers many advantages for businesses. It is a more efficient and convenient way to communicate with others and allows for greater collaboration. Despite their increasing importance, it can be overwhelming for businesses to track, monitor, and record mobile SMS channels and networks that archive text messages and calls.

Today, around 80% of the workforce is mobile. Most frontline employers want to make it easy for employees to access mobile devices on various channels to stay responsive to consumer demands.

Many businesses recognize the advantages of mobile communication for employees, even amid uncertainty due to the pandemic. Global mobile workers are expected to reach 1.88 billion in 2023. The problem is that mobile messaging security monitoring and archiving must be done securely, including text messaging compliance with instant message capture and archives regulations.

Businesses need a secure instant messaging platform to store text messages in real-time. This platform allows employees to work remotely from their offices. Enterprises can also save time and money through automation and built-in archive.

These mobile archive tools allow regulated companies to collect, secure and monitor mobile communications over an enterprise message platform. Mobile archiving helps businesses comply with regulations while preventing data loss, destruction and penalties. 

All mobile archive solutions must comply with recordkeeping guidelines for firms and enterprises. Advanced mobile archive tools can help regulated firms improve their litigation readiness and preparedness. This tool allows them to improve eDiscovery, and it simplifies the monitoring of text messages in the long run.

To learn more about confidently allowing mobile messaging in regulated firms, here is an infographic provided by TeleMessage.