The Elements of a Simple Wood Fence

Should the fence that encloses your property be removed or left in place based on cost? Do you reside in a community where each home is obliged to have a wooden fence built around it? Which fence design do you prefer: the one that is already in situ or the one you just dug up and took out of the ground?

Always perform your research before deciding on a wooden fence as your border. Learn as much as you can about Boise fencing, especially wooden fences, to help you choose the best choice for your family. As a direct result of this, you will be able to decide what is in your best interests.

Continue reading for information on how to maintain and repair wooden fences, as well as some additional advice you may not be aware of.


If properly constructed and maintained, a wooden fence may last between 10 and 15 years. It is commonly known that Butte Fence uses great craftsmanship when installing cedar fences. How quickly can you decide if your fence needs replacement? Do take some time to study and thoroughly consider the recommendations of the assessment.

Deterioration of Wood

If your fence is deteriorating in every way from top to bottom, it’s time to replace it. One issue is having a few boards split here and there. A wooden fence’s lowest rail often rots away first. The increased humidity in this region speeds up the deterioration of the boards in comparison to other locations where the air is drier. The surface must be routinely safeguarded and maintained to prevent degradation. In contrast, a stage of deterioration starts when nature wins out in the end. It is advisable that you replace both if the quality of the posts or the planks has sufficiently declined.


Your fence could droop if there is a significant amount of wind, rain, or an elevation change. It is typical for the fence’s construction to deteriorate after frequent use. To correct slight tilting of the fence in a particular area, it is normal to change or replace a few of the nearby fence posts. Contrarily, the presence of a regular pattern is often an indication of imminent danger.

Autonomous and Self-Sufficient Boards

You have the option of requesting a replacement if a board is lost or significantly damaged. Construction had to be resumed since so many of the boards were either missing or damaged. Even the most weather-resistant wood may eventually decay if exposed to the sun and rain for a lengthy period of time. Even when circuit boards are functioning correctly, the phenomena of freeze-thaw cycles is another frequent problem. The functionality and appearance of your fence may suffer if you use planks that are rotting, warped, or otherwise damaged.

Hardware Issues

Your fence’s screws and nails may ultimately get loosened or fall out entirely. The wood may deteriorate to the point that the screws and nails holding things together can no longer be sustained, even if they can be replaced. It would be pointless to replace all of the missing or loosened bolts if the issue caused the structure of your fence to become unstable. Repairing rusted bolts on a crumbling fence is a waste of time.


Prior to determining whether or not to repair your fence, it is essential to determine which aspects of the current problem you are facing. Repairing items rather than buying new ones results in long-term cost savings. Determine the expense of mending your fence before deciding whether or not to do so, if at all possible. It’s not always best to spend a lot of money on an old fence that will only endure for a year or two as opposed to a new fence that will last for many years. A new fence will ultimately be more affordable.

It’s time to take down that outdated wooden fence if you want to maintain the privacy and security of your home without compromising the aesthetic value it gives. As the property owner, it is your responsibility to inspect the condition of your wooden fence every ten years.

Damage Reduction

Due to their inherent resistance to decay, cedar and redwood are the two types of wood that are most often used to construct wooden fences.

Furthermore, care must be taken to prevent the collapse of the fence due to the neighboring tree systems. The growth of vines on it is improper despite the fact that shrubs and vines provide beauty to a landscape; if they are allowed to grow up and over a fence, they could hasten the degeneration of the barrier.

If you build your fence out of pressure-treated wood, its lifespan may be significantly improved. Use care while applying wood sealants and preservatives. Consult the business that built your wooden fence for tips on how to maintain its quality over time. It’s also important that you fully understand any warranties that come with your fence.


At least once a year, the owner should give the fence a comprehensive inspection. It is feasible to resolve problems before they spiral out of control using this approach of problem identification. It’s important to pay special attention to the fasteners (nails and screws) that hold the wood together, as well as the wood itself.

Examine the fence posts and post holes closely to see whether they are still firmly planted in the ground. Raised fence sections resist damage brought on by moisture and time better.

Before painting or staining the fence, we strongly suggest giving it a thorough wash from your local pressure cleaning company. By using this strategy, the fence’s structural integrity and aesthetic appeal will both be preserved.

Advantages of Wood Fencing

For a variety of reasons, most contemporary homeowners choose wooden fences for their homes instead of other types of house enclosures. The location and convenience of getting the necessary items are the two most important of the many variables that will naturally affect the pricing. Look at the benefits that emerge from this situation, which are stated below.

Hardwood fences are a cheap and enduring alternative. Wood fences are more economical than other common fencings materials like wrought iron, aluminum, and vinyl since they are simpler to get and more ecologically friendly. Fences made with hardwood seem more organic. If a wood fence is erected and maintained properly, its lifetime might be increased by many years.

A wooden fence needs very little maintenance to stay in good condition. You may shield your fence with soap and water, paint, stain, or a chemical that deters water. These are but a handful of the many options accessible. In order to fix a warped or damaged panel, it could be necessary to replace each board individually.

A wooden fence may be altered to meet the requirements of your land by varying its height and breadth. The wide varieties available include board-on-board split rail, picket, paddock, shadowbox, and stockade, to name just a few. Board-on-board is the configuration that is utilized the most often. The appearance of a wooden fence may be altered to fit the design of a person’s home or place of business.

A wood fence is ideal in terms of how it affects the local ecosystem. Wood is an excellent solution for those who are concerned about the environment since it is a resource that can be continually provided. Additionally, there are an increasing variety of ecologically acceptable substitutes that may be used to shield wooden fences from the harm that rust and insects can do.

A high-quality wooden fence may significantly increase the value of your house, making it a prudent investment. When a home is put on the market for sale, it will sell for more money if the yard is enclosed by a wooden fence on all sides. This is a consequence of the security and solitude provided by fences. Wooden fences may also make your yard more functional, protect your children and pets, and raise the value of your house for as long as you live there.


Not to mention, you want your fence to be sturdy, appealing to the eye, and successful in deterring trespassers. You may get in touch with Butte Fence, a local expert in this field if you have any questions or concerns concerning the fence. They can advise you on the best kind of fence for your specific situation since they are aware of the many fence types. Simply click here to find out more about the company and the services it offers.