Challenge Coins 101: Everything You Need To Know

When you want to create a memento or a mode of membership, challenge coins are the best ways to do so. They serve the purpose right when you want to recognize someone’s exceptional leadership skills, services and commitments. You can enhance an individual’s morale or honour their pride with these coins. Serving so many purposes altogether, these coins make a great custom product or gift to others. 

Let us know about these coins in detail:

What are the challenge coins?

These coins are specially made and designed to confirm an individual’s membership in a specific organization or a community. It is normally small in size and bears the organization’s logo or emblem. All the members of the organization have to carry these coins to prove their membership. Either the coins are used for this purpose, or they can be awarded for special achievements. These coins are always unique to the organization that is issuing them. One might keep it in a pocket, in a keepsake box, or display it on their walls.

What do they look like?

Since these coins are mostly custom-made, they can be made to appear just like anything or as per the needs. These coins are traditionally round in shape but can be made in other shapes as well. They are mostly made with metals like zinc, bronze, brass, silver or gold and have texture or raised designs on them. There might be some coins which can be enamel-painted for decorative purposes.

How are the coins made?

Coins are generally made with the help of custom molds. These molds are filled with brass or steel to acquire the desired shape. Next, the edges are cut and the metal is plated onto the coins. The finer details are then laser engraved on the surface. The entire process is a complex arrangement, involving machinery and materials.

How to create custom coins?

  • Select the product that you want to begin with. You will find a range of product variety in the studio you are approaching.
  • Customize the coin based on the size, color, material and finish. Stick to the design that closely represents your organization.
  • Add upgrades or certain extra features to make it more attractive.
  • Submit the coin design in a PDF format and let the design team take charge from there.

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