Are You Allowed To Post On Social Media After a Car Accident?

With millions of people using social media in Las Vegas, it is no surprise that people use social media platforms to stay updated, share their daily lives, etc., with the world. This also means that following a car accident, victims engage on social media and end up talking/discussing their case, their injuries, the status of their claim, and more online. After a victim suffers from injuries and damages in an accident, the law in Las Vegas allows you to file a claim and seek monetary benefits for the same. 

However, while the process is legal, social media also plays an important role in the final outcome of the car accident claim. It is advisable to seek assistance from an experienced car accident lawyer from Ace Law Group who can help understand the do’s and don’ts and ensure the victim remains on the safer side. 

Are there any legal rules for social media after a car accident?

No. Legally, there are no restrictions on not using social media accounts for car accident victims. If you are proceeding with filing for a car accident claim, you are not legally bound to post about your claim online. However, lawyers generally do not encourage victims to post anything online until their case is resolved, and there are good reasons behind this. 

The number one reason to restrict your online activity is because the insurance company keeps an eye on things you post online. The argument may come that the account is private, so no one else besides people who follow you can see your content. However, that is not the case. Even if the account is private, keeping things to yourself until your case is finalized is important. After all, once you post something online, it stays there forever. 

Secondly, if you want to post on social media –let us say, your throwback memories and pictures from your last vacation, you should ensure you post them with a date stamp. This means the picture should clearly show when it was taken so that the insurance company cannot use it against you by claiming that you exaggerated your injuries. 

If you want to post on social media, be very careful about the things you post. Additionally, it is important to avoid posting anything about your claim and injuries. This is because your one post can make or break your case. 

Get professional help in Las Vegas!

If you are considering filing for a claim, make sure to always have an experienced lawyer by your side who can guide you and ensure you get maximum compensation for your injuries and damages.