3 Signs Your Cold Water Storage Tank Needs Replacement Services

Whether you are a business or industry, water storage tanks are some of the important things that every organisation will have. However, you want your cold water storage tank to be reliable for all your company requirements. Since the water is for industrial or office use, it should be free from impurities and clean.  Read on to determine whether your current water tank needs to be replaced with a new one. 

The Tank is Old

If you are reliant on your cold water storage tanks for portable water requirement needs of your organisation, you must trust the quality of the water the tank supplies. Most old tanks may not have covers and this leaves them prone to contamination and if they are made of metal, they can start corroding through time. By replacing your old water tanks, you can save yourself lots of worry and work in the process. With a mechanical services Carlisle company like Integrated Compliance Services, you can have a new and functional tank installed in your property within no time.

Water Quality Issues

If you have noticed that the quality of the water has deteriorated or looks cloudy, it may be because of a buildup of sludge at the bottom of your tank. This happens, especially when the rainfall is extremely low, or the tank does not get flushed routinely. You should make plans to have a facilities management Newcastle company to have your tanks cleaned out thoroughly after every two to three years to prevent formation of sludge and guarantee a consistent water quality. You can also replace your tanks if the water quality problems persist. 

Leaking Tank

Leaks in your company appliances can be a bad sign, particularly a tank that contains water. Leaks usually develop over time since the water tank will continually heat and cool. Therefore, if you notice water pooled around the base of your tanks, it is likely that you need to replace it. A good facilities management Durham company will assess the situation to determine whether you need a new water tank lining or a new tank. You do not want to have small fractures that will become bigger over time and eventually cause bursting of the tank. 

A water tank is a major investment for any organisation and is extremely important especially for many industries. You can ensure that your water or liquids remain clear and clean and the tank functions properly when you hire the right mechanical services Carlisle company to look after this for you.